1. toxicvnt:

    Laura and Piper Schutt

    Yay thanks for the shot ! liality.com :)))

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  2. Swamin’

  3. Holla

  4. Im on my dash hahahha fuk the notes

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  5. joeys

  6. insta @piperschutt

  7. Hey

  8. Photo credit - Piper exoticskull Taken by Laura aka californe 

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  9. laffing coz im at school and school is fun

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  10. Hey

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  11. Chiara’s

    instagram @piperschutt

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  12. Brooke’s Mexican/Hawaiian Fiesta :P

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  13. procrastination at its finest :p

  14. didnt post this but hey this is me 

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  15. hey 

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